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New Forest Wood Turner

I hope that you will enjoy the few pieces I have on the site, some are entirely created on the lathe and some are turned and carved to enhance their final outcome.

Where I can I use local woods from the New Forest National Park area, many bits are given to me by friends and clients who know that turners rarely turn down free wood ( a really spontaneous pun, apologies! )

Spalted woods are of a special interest to me. Spalting is where the tree has died and lain in damp conditions which commences the decay process. this produces very attractive black streaks and markings caused by a fungus or virus. Beech is very well known for its spalting qualities making each item produced utterly unique and almost f a pottery design quality.

I am very drawn to bowl turning as I love the practicality of creating useful everyday objects that people will become used to and handle often.

It makes for a very personal relationship with the bowl, the turner and the owner. Many people enjoy giving wooden objects as gifts for birthdays, weddings and especially 5th wedding anniversaries (wood) presents.

I also turn candlesticks and lamp bases some of which are left in a more organic form rather than being turned to a precise turned shape.

Almost always I am lead by the timber “telling” me what it wants to be. Occasionally I will get my own way but one has to listen to the wood most of the time. Generally I like the simplicity of design but often try other approaches just to keep expanding the technical skill levels which need to be honed continually.